“The part of the Adriatic Coast belonging to Montenegro
is the purest part of the Mediterranean”.


“In terms of natural wonders, there is little in the southern
Mediterranean to rival Montenegro’s fjord. The part of the
Adriatic Coast belonging to Montenegro is the purest part of the Mediterranean”.

Financial Times

The most beautiful contact between the earth and sea took
place at the Montenegrin littoral

Lord Byron


Perast is old Baroque city situated 12 km northwest of Kotor beneath the hill of St. Elijah (873 m) and overlooks the Verige strait, the narrowest part of the bay of Kotor.
The citizens of Perast became privileged in Venice Republic with the rights to trade with the Republic with no taxes and thanks to that they became very rich. In return they had to defend the internal part of the bay what was easier to do thanks to the geographic position. As example, in the 18th century they gathered app. 200 kg of gold to pay for the building of the 55m tall bell tower which is the highest at the east cost of the Adriatic. The most famous families where Bujovic, Smekja, Zmajevic with their baroque houses.

As two pearls in the shelf there are two islands in front o the Perast.

The St. George´s island with the church from the 12th century is a natural island. This island was inspiration to the famous Swiss painter Beklin to make his painting named “the island of the dead”.

Next to it, there is a island Lady of the Rock with the church on it. The story of its legend that sais that two fisherman on 12th of July 1452. Found the Icon of Virgin Mary on the rock. People from Perast deemed as a sign to build an island an the church on it devoted to her and called it Lady of the Rock. They have been throwing rocks into the sea, so as small boats and big ships damaged in fights filled with rocks. So in the sea deep between 12 and 20 meters they constructed a solid ground of 3020 m². It is estimated that there is app. 100000 m³ of rock thrown into sea in order to build the islandand it took 250 years to do it. Apart from 68 oiled paintings there are 2500 golden and silver plates given from the seamen from Boka bay in hope to be protected at sea by the Lady of the Rock.