“The part of the Adriatic Coast belonging to Montenegro
is the purest part of the Mediterranean”.


“In terms of natural wonders, there is little in the southern
Mediterranean to rival Montenegro’s fjord. The part of the
Adriatic Coast belonging to Montenegro is the purest part of the Mediterranean”.

Financial Times

The most beautiful contact between the earth and sea took
place at the Montenegrin littoral

Lord Byron

About us

Port Agency „KotorMar“ Ltd. was found by Port of Kotor JSC company in order to make sure that their clients do get best possible service and broaden the scope of work of the company. We are Maritime – Tourist agency which was primarily intended to provide services of Port Agent to cruise ships and mega yachts, but also organize tours for them.

In the beginning the Agency was focused mostly on Nautical (yachting) industry in sense, of not only providing services to the Mega Yachts but also in, organizing of the biggest Boat Show in Montenegro called KOTOR BOAT SHOW from 2005. for the next five years. Unfortunately the crisis made us give up the project of the boat show but on the other end we keep record of the constant growth of the clients with Mega Yachts who choose our Agency to perform as their Agents in Montenegrin ports since we provide excellent service.

In order to promote Port of Kotor and Montenegro as cruise destination we exhibit each year since 2008. at the renowned Seatrade Cruise Shipping Conference in Miami.

Also, as part of our company, we do run a Souvenir and a Gift shop inside the Port at the passenger terminal with best prices in the city. The shop is also an informative desk for the guests, which means that your guest would have available personnel (a part from agency personnel) at the terminal at all times in case of a need.

With hope that the insight in our company, work, way of thinking and acting will make you think that we might be the best possible choice among those who suppose to take care of your good vessels we salute you.